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  As long as I can remember our home was full of animals – hamsters, parrots, rats, cats and of course dogs. Since my childhood I grew up with them. I bought my first pure-breed dog after high school, using the money I got from my late grandma Barbara. It was german shepherd dog, imported from Kiev – very obedient female Asta. I achieved with her every possible dog training. We were participating in many shows and competitions. I wasn’t afraid of anything if she was with me. I could go with her on a walk at every hour of day and night, because she would surely protect me. Unfortunately she wasn’t so successful at dog shows. Asta was faithful friend. She had waited for me just to put her head on my lap before going over Rainbow Bridge. In my later life I had showing lines german shepherds, but it’s another story.

  During trainings with working dogs I worked with many breeds, with exception of poodles, because there weren’t any of them here. My friend Lena had terrier and she offered me to change the breed – from working dogs to poodles. I laughed at her back then – I couldn’t understand how so-called poodle can be even compared to german shepherd. But Lena was stubborn and after some time she imported from Moscow black standard poodle. We were spending a lot of time together so I could see how the black poodle was always full of energy, agile, sensitive, smart, intelligent, with excellent memory, so cheerful, but at the same time very protective over his lady – it was impressive. As they say: the stone is going down as well as water. After no longer than 2 years, I imported to my kennel from Taszkent miniature apricot poodle bitch with great pedigree -  Belenika Gloster Zolt. And thus my adventure with poodles had started. And soon I learnt poodles are great companions of human: faithful, intelligent, clever, wise and totally friendly. The head of the poodle is the essence of reliance, charm, acuity and… a bit of rogue. People even say that poodle is not a dog, thought it’s not yet a human being.

  Poodles are the one of the most intelligent and the oldest breeds. His characteristic feature is fluffy fur and elegant, dancing-like movement. Poodles are suitable breed for people with allergy.

  After first experiences as a breeder we had a short break: the marriage, little children and other circumstances. In 2004 we moved to 3-room flat near the forest and decided to buy a dog.

  We started our search and in July 2004 came to us from Belarus white miniature poodle - female Aquarelka iz Troitskogo Predmestia, born at 24.02.2004. After a while came to us another miniature poodle, white male Mł.Ch.Bł.,Ch.Bł. Gimn Ljubvi iz Troitskogo Predmestia, born at 10.10.2004. Both of them soon became parents of two litters A & B in our kennel Matthias-Andrew-Sahra. 

  We left in our kennel two females from B litter: Mł.Ch.Pl. Bielenika Matthias-Andrew-Sahra – white miniature poodle, born at 24.01.2009 (the favorite of Andrzej, in home she’s called Nika) and Biała Śnieżka Matthias-Andrew-Sahra (in home called Pyziaczek, the favorite of Maciek). Sara wanted black poodle. At the beginning of 2009 year came to us from Czech Republic black toy poodle Queen of Night Earl's Legend – breeding female, born at 30.12.2008 (the favorite of Sara, in home called Kwi-Kwi). They gave us so much happiness! Our dogs live with our cats. All of them are our friends.

  In December 2009 in dramatic circumstances we lost our Aquarel’ka. We had to make hard decision about selling Gimna Ljubvi, because all of our other three females are blood-related to him and we couldn’t mate him with them. We had to choose – to neuter our male or to search for new home. And that way in summer 2010 Gimi went to Torun and is living now in kennel in Brzesc.

  At spring 2011 our Bielenika gave birth to litter C: three lovely females, their father is Ch., Zw.Eur.Śr.iWsch., Zw.Pl., Ch.Pl-Sk-Cz-H-Lt-Okv-Vdp. Konek Gorbunok iz Zimnih Grez. 


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