Dumny Kot*PL, Norwegian Forest Cat and Russian Blue cattery


Dumny Kot*PL, Norwegian Forest Cat and Russian Blue cattery  We can – as many breeders – say, that the source of our DUMNY KOT*PL is our childhood and love for animals. During many years we had countless animals – cats, dogs, birds and rodents. In 2004 we started professional kennel of dogs – minature poodles. Our children wanted to have cats thought – each one of them wanted their own one as their personal friend, to learn how to be reponsible breeder, how to take proper care about cat, how to show it on cat shows.

  So we took our time to find breed appropiate for us and after then, the best representatives of cat aristocracy. In 2008 we started our searching, mostly in Internet. We also went to few cat shows to look for cats to our cattery. In the end the choice was very hard, because all of us have their own opinions: our sons Maciej and Andrzej wanted Norwegian Forest Cat, daughter Sara was charmed with beauty and sensibility of Russian Blue. And since nobody wanted to resign, we decided to have both breeds. In the spring 2009 came to us from Torun very nice Norwegian Forest female Fantastic Chaton Roux*PL and soon after her came Zilla Ewjatar*PL, Russian Blue female.It turned out that despite differences in personalities both of them are getting along well. Since then we had in our cattery 3 litters of awesome kittens: Fantastic gave birth to 5 kittens in 2010 year, Zilla also gave birth to 5 kittens in 2010 year and in the same year she gave birth to one single kitten. We were so happy from each kitten. We were taking care of little ones, we could observe them, gave them everything they wanted. After all they were little aristocrats! We want our cats to have perfect appearance as well as character, so then every one of cats from Dumny Kot*PL cattery would give much satisfaction and happiness to their new owners – just like they gave it to us.


Ina, Sara, Maciej, Andrzej


  Thanks to cats we were able to met many awesome people who also love cats, so we gained new friends. We want to thank them here for their support and help in starting and having DUMNY KOT*PL cattery.


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